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Queen Anne Style Victorian House

Built in 1900 by the notable entrepreneur Matthew Sterling, the Sterling House is a marvel of Victorian architecture. Featuring Tiger Oak wood, a grand curved wrap-around porch, and a distinct George F. Barber design, it stands as a symbol of architectural elegance and historical significance.

Influential Owners and Historical Events

From its original builder to the Bradshaw family, who owned it for 88 years, the house has been a hub for influential figures and significant events in Delphi’s history. Its walls have witnessed important community discussions and have connections to notable historical events, including the Greeley Expedition. Guests staying here are not just renting a house; they are becoming part of a living history.

Unique Collection of Art and Memorabilia

The Sterling House hosts an extensive collection of local art, over 900 books, and a comprehensive array of Purdue memorabilia. The dining room itself is a gallery of American history, depicting moments from the American Revolution to the civil rights era. This feature is perfect for guests who appreciate cultural richness and historical depth in their travel experiences.

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The home was really amazing with all the pictures and Purdue memorabilia, not to mention the beautiful woodwork and architecture. The beds were very comfortable and there was ample extra bedding and pillows.

We have stayed at Sterling House many times. That probably says it all – we always choose Sterling House if it’s available. In fact, one time we changed our plans to get Sterling House. Absolutely great in every way. And Tyler is the best host we’ve had. A+

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